On the Shore


Oh my goodness. From left to right: Joel Thayer’s boathouse, the east end of Legg Hall (completed in 1868), Joel Thayer’s gazebo (in the park he created in 1874), the wild stretch that became F.C. Austin Park in 1935, the roof and steeple of St. James’ Episcopal (built in 1873), a boathouse that, if it were still there, would be behind the present St. James’ rectory, and the boat house belonging to The Boulders (completed 1884).

Two Boathouses

And from the opposite angle, the boathouse belonging to The Boulders in the foreground, and farther down (to the east) the boathouse belonging to Willowbank (a wedding present in 1871 to Cornelia Tyler Longstreet Poor).