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Climax Green Turtle Plug 660

At first glance, two men walk down Jordan Street, the old fire hall on the left, the Methodist Church on the right, but I couldn’t help but be interested in the advertising plastered to the pole in the foreground…

Climax Green Turtle Plug CU

…diamond-shaped posters encouraging villagers to chew Green Turtle Plug and the surprising Climax Plug. What an interesting time this must have been.

Green Turtle One

Climax One


Slough 1

“Now I saw in my dream… they drew near to a very miry slough that was in the midst of the plain; and they being heedless, did both fall suddenly into the bog. The name of the slough was ‘Despond.’ Here, therefore, they wallowed for a time, being grievously bedaubed with the dirt.”

— The Pilgrim’s Progress (1678) by John Bunyan

Slough 2

Slough 3