East and West

East Cove Tinted

Two postcards printed in Germany, published by Livingston, Williams & Hunt of Skaneateles. One is marked “1907” in pencil on the back, but the photo above was taken prior to 1901. In the foreground, Joel Thayer’s personal park across Genesee Street from his home.

West Cove Tinted

SCC at the Creamery

Three Weeks

My thanks to everyone who came out to the Creamery this evening, for a brief history of the Skaneateles Country Club, with references to the Elinor Glyn trophy, Eleanor Roosevelt, an English lord, Gene Sarazen, Otto Graham, the slot machines, sailing, golf, chocolate pudding and more. Especially grateful to those who shared their own stories.

The Road to Glen Haven

Glen Haven Drive

“Picturesque Glen Haven on Skaneateles Lake, N.Y.” a Quarto-Chrome postcard, printed in Germany (Leipzig-Berlin-Dresden, take your pick) for the Wallace-Hahn Drug Co. of Skaneateles. We are fortunate to have the caption, as the lake and the Glen Haven hotel are absent from the photo. On the verso, the sender writes from Marietta, N.Y., in April of 1913, touching upon a personal concern and torrential rains:

“What has become of you? You must be very busy; inside of school and outside, perhaps. Do you see? All’s well here, but we came nearly getting washed away. The mill dam next to our house went out the other day. Write.”