Fred Roosevelt’s Dock

Fred Roosevelt's Dock

The dock at Roseleigh, the home of Frederick Roosevelt, with his steamer, The Lotus, behind him, and the west shore very far behind him. More on Fred here.


Ramblin’ Jack


On his way to a concert in Oneonta, N.Y., Ramblin’ Jack Elliott stopped by the Creamery Museum to look at the boats. He’d owned a Penguin, and was thrilled to see a Rhodes Bantam and Lightning #1. A charming fellow and, in my book, one of the greatest of singers and storytellers to ever visit Skaneateles.


I love to view from mountain brow
The quiet lake that sleeps below;
A lovely sight for Artist’s eye,
But fairer still when memory
Recalls again the autumn gale,
The campfire’s light, the joyous sail,
And all the gladsome scenes that make
A happy home beside the lake.

— William Martin Beauchamp (1830-1925) quoted in The John D. Barrow Art Gallery at Skaneateles, New York (1908) by E. Reuel Smith