Ramblin’ Jack


On his way to a concert in Oneonta, N.Y., Ramblin’ Jack Elliott stopped by the Creamery Museum to look at the boats. He’d owned a Penguin, and was thrilled to see a Rhodes Bantam and Lightning #1. A charming fellow and, in my book, one of the greatest of singers and storytellers to ever visit Skaneateles.


I love to view from mountain brow
The quiet lake that sleeps below;
A lovely sight for Artist’s eye,
But fairer still when memory
Recalls again the autumn gale,
The campfire’s light, the joyous sail,
And all the gladsome scenes that make
A happy home beside the lake.

— William Martin Beauchamp (1830-1925) quoted in The John D. Barrow Art Gallery at Skaneateles, New York (1908) by E. Reuel Smith