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  1. Hi, Kihm
    I’ve only recently become aware of this historical website you generate and I am enjoying reading these anecdotal tidbits and stories.
    Hope all is well with you. How is the Cookbook project coming along?
    All best,

  2. I’m enjoying your historical ‘Skaneateles – The character and characters of a lakeside village’. Thank you for your labors!

  3. Hi Kihm! Awesome again as usual. I like the play on words in the “Better Batter” ad – the logo was fun. It’s a treat to see the village looking as it once did, if only through the photo’s and memorabilia you share…..a peek at what it was before it became quite so sophisticated……..Kathy

  4. Hello! I’ve just read your wonderful entry on Erastus Mills Beach, upon whose trail I am just getting started after finding out yesterday that he was Edward Reuel Smith’s “stepfather.” I am trying to track down manuscript material related to ERS; have you any idea if there are materials there in Skaneateles? Thanks very much, Kevin Dann

    • Kevin, ERS wrote a book about the Vredenburgh family, and there are a couple of Mills letters in a southern library, but I don’t know of any actual manuscripts here in Skaneateles. There is the rose window at St. James’, but that’s more a work of art than a letter. We recently had a visitor from Wisconsin, working on his PhD, who was looking into ERS. I’ll look up his address for you.

  5. Hello! I googled Natalie Ann Soule and The last name Henry and your site came up. I am just doing some family history research…do you know why the two people may have been on your site? Thanks so much!

      • Thanks! did it appear in some book or somewhere before? if I could get to the source where it appeared I may be able to scan it and identify most of the players. It interests me quite a bit.
        thank you and nice work!

  6. Kihm,

    I really enjoyed your recollections of DLIWC. I find it coincidental that we attended DLI at the same time. I arrived in July 1968 and graduated from Thai school in late May 1969. Then I married a Santa Cruz girl and we moved to San Angelo for security school. She had never been away from Santa Cruz and she cried all the way across Arizona in our non-air conditioned 1965 Mustang convertible! We found a furnished apartment in San Angelo for $75 a month. Nothing fancy but at least it had a swamp cooler to keep us semi-cool. We ended up at Offutt AFB in Omaha for the remainder of my enlistment. We are still married 42 plus years later.

    I really like your writing style and find it eminently readable.


    William Zimmer
    Round Rock, Texas

  7. Hi, I realized the new member filter was on & have removed it for now. Any additional assistance or information regarding Asst. Secy. Henry or Eleanor Morrow Roosevelt or their sons Wm. Morrow Roosevelt, 1906-83 & Henry, Jr. 1910-85 as well as Eleanor K. would be pretty swell.


  8. Good day,

    Came across this some time ago & I wonder if you might shed a little light on it. Eleanor Morrow Roosevelt with sons William & Henry, Jr. 1913:

    Is there by change a far more legible copy available in the family’s photo album? Are there other photographs in the same set or is this merely a one-off (I found this posted in the Washington Post archives I believe)



  9. I was interested in your talk the other night but could not attend. I truly appreciate your effort and sharing of your knowledge. I enjoyed the Hazelhurst piece as well. Thank you.

  10. Good morning Kihm, I’ve just finish reading your delightful and extremely informative book. I was amazed by the number of people who have lived and passed through this little village. I grew-up in Auburn and student taught at Skaneateles H.S. I wrote, a brief book, Boat Goat – Memories of Pine Island, Florida, thus I have some appreciation for the work that goes into the research need for a book such as yours. Considering the extent of your book, you are to be commended for you research. When I got to the Polo chapter I called my wife (editor) in to read it and said what do you think? She said, “It’s the cookies!” I laughed and said considering the details in the book this is the only one I came across or perhaps there were two types of cookies. We have a home in the Adirondacks so I want to read your other book as well. Captain Kirk

    • Captain Kirk, Thank you! I’m delighted you’re enjoying the book. If you want a copy of the Silver Bay book, it’s $14.50 (which gets you a fresh new mailing bag and postage) and you can send a check to 8 E. Austin St, Skaneateles, NY 13152 OR you can send me a copy of Boat Goat and I’ll swap you. Best, Kihm

  11. I came across Roosevelt Grady on our bookshelves while weeding the library and had never heard of it or the author. After reading it (and enjoying it), I am thrilled at the wonderful post you have on the author! Thank you.

  12. I enjoyed your article on Capt. Nash De Cost. He is an ancestor that my grandmother was very proud of. It’s nice to read that Skaneateles was proud of him, too. I’ve included your article with attribution as his life sketch in his entry in ‘family search’ so that other descendants could know him him, too. Thank you for pulling the highlights out of the Liverpool packets book as well, and making him come alive on the page.

  13. Hi kihm, I recently purchased a framed picture by M.A. Livingston depicting the town of Skaneateles. It looks to be a watercolor and has various small pictures of places such as Roosevelt Hall, Tallcot Mill Sherwood Inn, St. James, Legg Hall, The Sphinx and Judge Marvin House. It is a wintery scene of Skaeateles. I can’t seem to find anything about it on the net. Do you know about this watercolor or the artist? I would love any information about the watercolor.

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