GeometryLooking at St. James’ church from Thayer Park, I’ve never seen the church building in terms of geometry, but seeing this drawing of a church in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the similarities and the “regulating lines” jump out at me. With thanks to “The Principles of Pattern” in Jonathan Hale’s The Old Way of Seeing (1994).

Tea Fleet

Tea Lipton Thomas
The Skaneateles Boat and Canoe Co. was widely recognized for its building of small craft, but by far its most famous order came from members of the party of the famous English yachtsman, and tea merchant, Sir Thomas Lipton, prior to his 1920 challenge for the America’s Cup. The order for more than 100 boats, canoes and yacht tenders brought in an estimated $75,000 to the company.

Banking Interest


What a treasure. Passing by on eBay, a 1930 Brown & Bigelow calendar from the National Bank & Trust Co. of Skaneateles illustrated with the aptly named and perfectly suited “Treasure Princess” by Edward Mason Eggleston (1882-1941). The artist studied under Harvey Dunn and was known for his pirate girls, Native American maidens and exotic Egyptian royals. Today’s banking incentives pale in comparison.

Edward Eggleston