Carpenter’s Point

I love it when the hand-tinters go a little overboard.

The Post Office

The Post Office in Skaneateles, circa 1908. The man wearing a hat in the foreground on the left is George Spearing, grandfather of my late next-door neighbor, George Spearing, our former fire chief.  The post office is on the left, and Hall & Stackus, Furniture & Undertaking is on the right. In the center is the doorway to No. 7 East Genesee, still there today; S. J. Moore Jewelers now occupies the former post office, and Smith Barney is in the space that was occupied by Hall & Stackus.

Not Exactly “Charlotte’s Web”

Neither life nor the press spared those who came before us, however sensitive they might have been. This appeared in the Syracuse Post-Standard, Friday, April 6, 1900:


William Murphy Found with His Head Partly Eaten Off.

Skaneateles. April 5 – William Murphy, brother of James Murphy, was found dead one mile west of Skaneateles Junction yesterday afternoon. He went to the barnyard Monday to look for eggs and did not return. Nothing, however, was thought of it inasmuch as he often went away and stayed away three or four days. When Edith Wilson went to look for eggs yesterday she found Murphy behind a strawstack in the barnyard with the top of his head eaten off by hogs.


My favorite sign in Skaneateles, between the Country Club and the farm to the south. This photo was taken circa 1999. Sadly, the sign is today but a scrap of its former self, weather-worn, its white paint gone, and only a scrap of the original still in place.