The Trolley in Winter

Trolley in Snow

Former Village Historian Pat Blackler once said to me, “Oh, Bill Hecht, he finds things nobody’s ever seen.” And he shares them. Here are two of his recent discoveries. I get cold just looking at them.

Trolley Storm



SCC Ladies

Postcard photo by G.W. Scott of Rochester, N.Y. “Golfing at Skaneateles Country Club. One of the large variety of summer sports available in this pretty eastern gateway to the Finger Lakes. The Country Club also sponsors many sailing regattas annually.” Bonus points for identifying the foursome and the hole.

Magic Lantern

Lantern Slide

A lantern slide of Skaneateles, taken from a garden on West Lake Road, by Frederick W. Martin (1877-1949), a Pasadena photographer. He opened his studio in 1907 and his wife, a watercolor artist, began hand-coloring his photographs in 1911. More than 3,000 of his photographs, most of the San Gabriel Valley, are in the California State Library collection, but at some point Martin made a trip across the U.S. and took photos in New York and New England. He signed his work “Fredk. W. Martin.” This particular slide came from a collection in Ojai, California.