The Post Office

Post Office

L. to R.: Henry T. Tucker (Postmaster 1910-1914), Lester Harse, John Simmons, Earl Kelley, Walter Cavell

About this photo, Ken Wooster wrote: “This interior view of the post office is during the period after July 1, 1902, the date on which the move was made to East Genesee Street, in the Shear Block, where it remained until 1962… Walter Cavell (far right) is tending a customer at the service window.” The address today is 5 E. Genesee Street, and the space is the home of S.J. Moore Jewelers. Below, a second photo of the interior:

Post Office copy

L. to R.: John Simmons, William H. Hennessey (Postmaster 1914-1923), Walter Cavell, Clarence Simmons, Earl Kelly, Frank Stearns, Lester Harse

And below, a fuzzy photo of the storefront with bunting:

Post Office from Street

One thought on “The Post Office

  1. I remember going in there as a young child. My Mom would go in to buy stamps & I remember the wood floors creaking & the high (from my point of view) counter.

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