School Photos, circa 1926

Grade One

Grade One, teacher Anna Dix

Grade Two

Grade Two, teacher Florence Salisbury Payne

Grade Three

Grade Three, teacher Margaret Witherhead

Grade Four

Grade Four, teacher Alzina Clapp Loveless

Grade Five

Grade Five, with teacher Mrs. Irving Smith absent from photo

Grade Six

Grade Six, teacher Mazie Harrington Burke

These may have been taken in 1926; if anyone can date them accurately, let me know.


One thought on “School Photos, circa 1926

  1. I have a similar 3rd grade class photo of my aunt Rosamund Tucker, age 8, (b 6/1905) circa 1913. Her teacher was Miss Andruss (sp?) She would have been 11 in sixth grade in 1916. She graduated in 1923 at age 18. She isn’t in any of the photos. So they must have been taken no earlier than the mid to late 1920s. A math whiz might be able to calculate from this data. Or a clothing historian.

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