3 thoughts on “Cottage Map, Circa 1895

  1. I am wondering when the dam was placed on the outlet raising the lake level several feet. Also late 1800s covers quite a spread The installation of the dam must have had a greater impact on the north end since there were not steep banks like the south end  which means the water area increased considerably when the water level rose.   SEF .  

  2. About the dam: First one built in 1796 by Jedediah Sanger; it raised the water level 3-4 feet. The “State Dam” was built 1843-1844 and raised the lake to its current level. It was rebuilt in 1868, in 1892-94 and in 1906 (and perhaps since, but I do not have the information). The Matthews-Northrup Co. of Buffalo, N.Y., that produced the map, was active at least from 1891 to 1915. In 1887, there were 30 cottages on the lake, with more being built; many more are shown on the map. The map company did several maps of this region in 1895, and I would guess that’s a close date for the map in this post.

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