In the summer of 1936, the Kan-Ya-To Inn (today’s Sherwood Inn) hosted Governor and Mrs. Paul V. McNutt of Indiana for an overnight stopover. Before departing from the village, they breakfasted at the Krebs.

McNutt later served as Commissioner to the Philippines, chairman of the War Manpower Commission and U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines. Although once thought of as a candidate for the Presidency, McNutt did not always receive the best press. In 1942, possibly in reaction to the brutal Japanese occupation of the Philippines, McNutt urged “the extermination of the Japanese in toto.” When asked for clarification, McNutt said that he meant the Japanese people as a whole, not just the Japanese military. One week later, McNutt stated that the comments reflected his personal views and not official U.S. government policy.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt privately referred to McNutt as “that platinum blond S.O.B from Indiana.” But the Governor and Mrs. McNutt did comment on the beauty of the village and the lake.



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