The recurring profusion of bottles and cans next to the basketball courts in Austin Park prompts one to wonder what could be afflicting our young athletes. Are hand tremors preventing them from grasping the bottles long enough to carry them to the trash can?  Has dribbling led to Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs) and numbed their wrists? Or is it only the “drop everything” excitement of playing on a court which once hosted Woody Harrelson? (The actor stopped here and shot baskets in June of 1994 while bicycling from Canada to Massachusetts.) Should the cause be medical in nature, one hopes that those beset will seek treatment.

2 thoughts on “Tremors?

  1. Kudos to Kihm for spotting this affliction which does not seem to have affected those who use the benches in Clift and Thayer parks. Maybe age related…..

  2. Mid-range jump shots have become a lost art in today’s 3-pointer or dunk offensive game. These kids probably aimed at the trash can but missed and failed to follow their shots to get the rebounds.

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