On Exhibition, 1906


“On Saturday afternoon last, Rev. C.B. Thorne brought to the Free Press office a mammoth pie plant leaf, grown in his garden on State st., which measured three feet across and a like distance in length, being one of the largest leaves we have ever seen. The stalk was thirty-one inches in length and 1 ½ inches in diameter. The leaf was perfect in every way and the stalk was a superb specimen of pie plant. The stalk and leaf was placed on exhibition at the store of the Bench Hardware Company.”

— “A Mammoth Leaf,” Skaneateles Free Press, June 26, 1906

CB Thorne

Note: “Pie plant” is a nickname for rhubarb, given because rhubarb was often an ingredient in pies. The Rev. Chauncey Bell Thorne (1833-1909), who cultivated the giant leaf, was a minister in the Society of Friends but had spent much of his childhood and adult life farming, and brought a wealth of experience to his village garden.


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