Jordan Street, Circa 1950

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4 thoughts on “Jordan Street, Circa 1950

  1. Thank you for the photo of Jordan St around 1950. My grandfather, Wells Hardwich, had a grocery store at the corner of Jordan St. and Genesee in the early 1900’s. He lived at 5 State St. with his wife, Vernie, and sons Harold, Lester(my dad), and Carlton. Talk about a short commute. You are blessed to live in a beautiful town and we will visit again soon.

    • My family moved to 9 State Street in about 1954. 5 State Street was a cute house. I am sorry that it was razed. We did not see much of Mrs. Hardwich except when we had a heavy rain. She would be out raking the debris that came down the street that blocked the sewer grate covering the underground stream. I suspect her basement had water problems just as we did. We children played in all the backyards from the Grange Hall north to the Baptist Church. The year we moved there was the year the public parking lot was laid out in the Masonic property. Next door to us was Mrs. Barber’s Tourist Home, the summer residence of some of the actors of the Lyric Circus on route 20. The bus that would take them to work stopped at the corner of the parking lot and its exit on Genesee St.

  2. I was brought up at 45 Jordan street and have good memory of what life on Jordan Street was like in 1950. There was a lot of activity and a real community feel. My neighbors were great and had an influence on my growing up. When I am in town I would love to talk about Jordan Street life and activities with anyone interested.

  3. Many thanks to you, Mr Scott. I grew up in Japan with my parents and brothers and one of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t see my grandmother but 3 times during vacations to see her and my other relatives. She would write long letters to us and Dad would read parts of them at our dinner table and we would read the rest of them at our leisure. I wish that her life had been easier. Her husband died in 1934 and it was a struggle for her during the depression. She was always cheerful in her letters and she was a wonderful person not only to her family but to all. Your comment was the first directed to me in many comments I have made over the years to this website and I passed on your comments to members of my family. Thank you again.

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