A Clift Park Compendium

Clift Newsprint

The Village of Skaneateles acquired the land for Clift Park in 1888, but argued about what to do with it until 1892. Those in favor of green space won, and the park was named for Joab Clift, the previous land-owner, who donated a fountain. Clift was a successful farmer and businessman, and a one-time president of the Skaneateles Savings Bank, and so a useful man to honor. The park would be the subject of post cards for years to come.

clift-park 1907

Clift Park Fabulous copy



clift-park sepia


Clift Park Lovely Green

Clift Linen Manhole


Clift Martin House copy

Clift Linen

Clift Park Linen Bathing

Clift Linen So Green copy




Clift Autumn

trees-in-clift-park-2 copy

trees-in-clift-park chrome


Clift Fountain

Today, should you want to pay your respects to Mr. Clift, you can find his fountain across the street, just to the west of The Sherwood Inn, and his gravestone in Lake View Cemetery.



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