The Porter Window

Porter Window WEB

When I was writing The Windows of St. James’ Skaneateles, the Porter window had long been in storage at the church, moved to create a doorway into the newly built Parish Hall in 1959, and I could not find a photograph. However, thanks to Kathy Crowther, a photo of the window has been found; given its age and the deterioration of color film over time, I cannot be sure it’s true to hue, but I’m delighted to see it in any event.

The Porter window was donated to St. James’ by Laura Porter Roosevelt, and is in memory of her six siblings, all of whom died before the present church was built in 1873. You can see monograms across the bottom of the window for each of the siblings — children of James Gurdon Porter and Sarah Grosvenor Porter: Lucia Mary Porter died at the age of 3, in 1834; Frederick, 12 years old, drowned in Skaneateles Lake in 1853, when a boat he was playing in tipped over; Samuel died at the age of 22, in 1858; Henry died of typhoid at the age of 22 while studying medicine in New York; Stanley, aged 20, died at the Second Battle of Bull Run in 1862; Benjamin, also 20, died at the storming of Fort Fisher on the coast of North Carolina.

The scene in the window is Christ’s tomb, when the women came with spices and ointment for the body, only to find the stone rolled away, the body gone, and an angel there to tell them Jesus had risen.

The story is in the book; I wish the photo was there as well. Perhaps the next edition.

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