Litter Update

Since the firemen’s field days began ending on Sunday, and with the Village employees having Monday off, I have been picking up litter in Austin Park on Labor Day, rather than looking at it all day and complaining. The last two years haven’t been too bad — only two large trash bags total each year. But there are particulars worth noting.

This year, four loaded diapers. The record is seven. For the third consecutive year, a condom wrapper. Someone is really enjoying the fireworks. Elsewhere on the grounds, black panties. Ditto. Also a pair of reading glasses. I picked up a dozen or so beer bottles, but one Budweiser longneck had already been run over by a car, so I wouldn’t go barefoot in the park any time soon. No wallets, cell phones or keys this year, but I did find $10 in dew-drenched bills; I like to think they were a gratuity from the people leaving the diapers.


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