Aim High

Now that spring is upon us, it might be well to consider the sports of summer and how we might excel, what goals we might set. With that in mind, here is some valuable information:

The Skaneateles Country Club record for one hole was set in 1938 and is held by Robert J. Meredith of Brighton, N.Y., who carded “a neat 18” on the fifth hole. It was reported that he had to rest for 30 minutes before moving on to the sixth.

And for those of you who sail, the record for Most Boats Passed While Airborne was set at the Country Club in August of 1964 by a visiting sailor named Pete Bone. Frustrated by a poor start in the first race of a meet, Bone chose to unfurl his Lightning’s spinnaker in 40 m.p.h. winds. The boat began to fight its crew, planed, then left the water and soared past the boats of ten (10) awestruck skippers. The epic flight ended abruptly and poorly when the boat returned to its accustomed medium, but it is a feat that may never be duplicated.


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