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Skaneateles: The Character and Characters of a Lakeside Village (2010) is back in print. A few years back, I printed 1100 copies, sold 1100 copies and moved on to other projects. But people kept asking for this one, and someone was offering it on Amazon for $75, so I decided it was time to reprint. But being four years and three books smarter, I decided to gently edit the book, removing a few irritating typos (the squirrel no longer runs around the truck of the tree), adding a few new facts and photos I’d come across, and fixing all of the existing photographs so they are sharper, clearer. And with the indexer at my side, NOT changing the pagination. So it’s the same, but better, and available again, most probably at the Creamery gift shop, on Amazon in a week or two, or you can just ask the author for a copy when you see him on the street.

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One thought on “Back in Print

  1. I am so happy to read of this good news—congratulations to you for your willingness to revisit and redo your already good work. Personally, I am hoping that the glass lifted to the Medal of Honor recipient is “Tip” Crozier, a research favorite of mine and an under known Skaneateles native. Am looking forward to buying an updated copy of your work!

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