Too Fresh

“Local bicycle riders are getting ‘too fresh’ in using the sidewalks. They have rights on the roadway, but none on the sidewalks. The noiseless tires these dark nights give no warning to pedestrians, and bell ringing and shouts of ‘track’ greet the unfortunate pedestrian at every turn. A number of collisions have already occurred.

“In broad daylight, Tuesday, Frank Lukins was thrown down by a strange rider in front of the Free Press office, striking against a stone step. The bicycler left hurriedly, without so much as ‘begging his victim’s pardon.’

“Bicycle races occur at the Skaneateles Driving Park tomorrow afternoon. The net receipts will go to the Library. A fine afternoon’s sport is promised.”

Skaneateles Free Press, September 13, 1895

Frank Lukins survived the accident.

Riding a bicycle on the sidewalks along Genesee Street was made illegal in 1898.

The Skaneateles Driving Park, a half-mile track with grandstand, was in use between 1870 and 1947, primarily for horse racing, but during the 1890s it was also a popular spot for bicycle racing. The track was located on the site of the now-shuttered Chevrolet dealership on East Genesee Street.


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