Leave This Man Alone

In January of 1923, Mary Weeks, a resident of Skaneateles and a member of the parish of St. James’, wrote to her Aunt Jennie:

“This is the first Sunday for our new Rector. His name is Donald Stuart. He is quite young, has an attractive wife and two small children. He made a fine record in the war. His family is settled in the little rectory and we are hoping everything will go smoothly. Our trouble in a small town is that we have too much time to find out what our neighbors are doing and talk about it. Also we seem to think when we hire a minister that we must tell him when and what to do. I hope we will have sense enough to leave this man alone, and give him credit for knowing enough to make his own plans without the help of the brothers & sisters in the church.”

The Rev. Stuart served at St. James’ until 1926; I have written about him before, but am grateful to Rena R. Corey of Mrs. Hudson’s/Fine Books and Paper in Cold Spring, N.Y., for sharing this personal glimpse with me. She has more than 100 letters from Mary Weeks, and should you be interested in purchasing them you can email her at mrshudsons@optimum.net, or write to: Mrs Hudson’s, P.O. Box 6, Cold Spring, NY 10516.


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