South End of Skaneateles Lake

South End of Skaneateles Lake

Not every postcard can turn out to be a million seller.


One thought on “South End of Skaneateles Lake

  1. My memories from those long ago years:

    This postal from the late 1960s, judging by the tailfins on several of the autos, and shows the boat yard, marina, waterfront landing, and auto parking area (we called it Shady Beach) for the Fair Haven businesses, located at the south end of Skaneateles Lake. Up across the road was the country store, operated around this time, by the Paul Greenfields.

    Also there on the high side of the road, was the Glen Haven Hotel, in business from the beginning of time. I first went there as a teenager in the late 40s, to dance to music from a quarter-eating jukebox mid the standing-room-only beer-drinking crowds. (Site not to be confused with the “Glen Haven Water Cure” that was directly across the lake, or the west side, and was active about a century earlier.)

    The Glen Haven Hotel was a major summer hot-spot (if not the only one) for the residents, campers, and boaters from the southern half of the lake, also for people from Homer, Cortland, and all other nearby natives, renters, campers, boaters and fishermen, visitors, and lucky tourists who could find it. The spill-over auto parking was down by the water. It definitely was the place to be, especially on a weekend, for drinking, eating, mingling with the natives, and visiting with the owners: bartender and boss, Johnny Webb, and the best cook around, his wife Sophie, who consistently put out amazing great meals in their dining room.

    Decades later, John and Sophie retired to Estero, Florida and their son took over. By that time, I was taking my youngest children, by canoe from our cabin across the lake, to eat and to play the bowling machine. And we also still visited the Fair Haven store for our groceries and papers.

    Glorious long summers in quiet and peaceful Upstate New York.

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