Lord Wakehurst at the Country Club

Lord Wakehurst

In early June of 1948, Col. Harry C. Wilder hosted Lord and Lady Wakehurst for dinner at the Skaneateles Country Club. Lord Wakehurst, a.k.a. John Loder, Second Baron Wakehurst, KG, KCMG, the last British Governor of New South Wales (1937-1946), was touring the U.S. with his wife, Peggy, on behalf of the English Speaking Union. The Country Club dinner followed cocktails at the Wilder’s summer home on West Lake Street.

An Eton graduate, Lord Wakehurst was a WWI veteran (Gallipoli, Egypt, Palestine), served in the Foreign Office, fought bush fires in Australia, loved the theatre, opera and ballet, and was a keen amateur filmmaker. I’m guessing he could hold up his end of a dinner conversation. And I could be wrong, but he may be the only member of the House of Lords to dine at the Skaneateles Country Club.

In 1952, Lord Wakehurst returned to office as the Third Governor of Northern Ireland.


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