Eleanor Roosevelt’s Trifecta


Eleanor Roosevelt and Sgt. Earl Miller, her bodyguard

In August of 1932, the First Lady of New York, Eleanor Roosevelt, visited Skaneateles and hit three of the high spots. She and a friend, Ethel Bellinger, arrived on a Saturday afternoon and checked in at the Kan-Ya-To Inn (today’s Sherwood Inn).

That evening, the women dined at the Krebs where they were joined by Earl Miller, who had served as Mrs. Roosevelt’s bodyguard since Franklin Roosevelt became Governor of New York. (Mrs. Roosevelt refused to ride in a limousine, preferring to drive herself, so the Governor assigned Miller, a New York State Trooper, to accompany her; to add to her security, Miller taught her how to use a pistol.)

On Sunday morning, Eleanor and Ethel went for a swim at the Skaneateles Country Club, before returning to Albany, Mrs. Roosevelt driving her own car.

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