Parties of Pleasure

In March of 1831, the Broome Republican of Binghamton, N.Y., ran this article picked up from the Skaneateles Telegraph (our first newspaper):

Steam Boat on Skaneateles Lake. It is in contemplation to have a neat and commodious steam boat plying on the Skaneateles Lake the present season. This will give an increasing interest to our thriving and pleasant village. Parties of pleasure and the fashionable tourist will be delighted to take a trip up and down the lake, viewing the beautiful and highly cultivated fields and the truly sublime and picturesque scenery which is presented to the eye along its borders. The inhabitants of the village and vicinity have liberally contributed towards this desirable object.”

Indeed, that summer the Independence was launched. William Beauchamp wrote:

“On July 22nd the Steamboat Independence made her first trip, and tradition relates that the village fathers had a specially jolly time on board, expecting wonderful results from the boat, which did not follow.”


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