Unraveling the Roosevelts

Roosevelt-Tree-for-PPMy thanks to everyone who came to the Creamery for “Unraveling the Roosevelts.” I believe we broke an attendance record with 68 attendees, not exactly Woodstock but heartening nonetheless. I will be posting a piece based on the talk soon. In the meantime, here’s the simplified family tree that shows “our” Roosevelts: Nicholas, Fred, Henry Latrobe (both of them), and S. Montgomery.


3 thoughts on “Unraveling the Roosevelts

  1. This is wonderful! Just finished binge watching Ken Burns’ documentary and reading “No Ordinary Time” by Doris Kearns Goodwin (plus the third volume of Churchill’s biography”, I became thirsty for more about this extraordinary family and stumbled upon this. Many happy hours ahead browsing through your archives.

  2. Another Roosevelt connection is Virginia Bruce Loney, of whom you have already written. This is her line: Virginia, Katherine Wolfe Brown, Virginia Greenway McKesson, Maria Lefferts, Amelia Ann Cozine, Margaret Roosevelt, Oliver (Olphert) Roosevelt, Johannes Roosevelt, Nicholas Roosevelt, Claes Martenszen van Roosevelt. Class or Klaus is a Dutch nickname for Nicholas.

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