Red Sox at Roseleigh


In September of 1910, Frederick and Mary Roosevelt hosted John Irving Taylor and his family at Roseleigh, the Roosevelt summer home (today’s Stella Maris) on Genesee Street.

Taylor was the president of the Boston Red Sox baseball team, which had just compiled an 81-72 record and finished a disappointing fourth in the American League. Perhaps he felt the need for a change of scene.

Taylor was an owner of the club from 1904 to 1914, and named the team the Red Sox in 1907. Following his visit to Skaneateles, he would return to Boston and in early 1911 find a new home for his club in the Fenway neighborhood. In 1912, the Red Sox took the pennant and won the World Series over the New York Giants; every player on the roster had been acquired by John I. Taylor and his organization.

Among his other gifts to the sport: He introduced Ladies Day and the Press Box for baseball writers.

* * *

More on John I. Taylor here


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