Sandy Beach

Sandy PointElsie Gutchess has corrected my original title; this is indeed “Sandy Beach,” not “Sandy Point,” as per her comment. Thank you, Elsie!


2 thoughts on “Sandy Beach

  1. Isn’t this “Sandy Beach”, owned and operated by the Dowling family of West Lake Road, Skaneateles? I never heard it called “Sandy Point”, but sometimes called “BAB” (for bare a.. beach) by the younger persons.

  2. I always thought this was an aerial view of the Skaneateles Country Club. The point shown here was called One Mile Point, and was ringed by stones. I thought Sandy Beach was the more accessible beach below B.A.B. shown in the lower left of the postcard (and therefore not visible in this view). The sandy beach shown at the lower left was only accessible by boat or by crawling through the barbed wire fence from the country club. There was the fence that edged the point and then there was the fence that kept the cows out of the beach. And, as I remember, the cow pasture was rather treacherous; not only from cow pies but also by some low mires of stinky stuff. I can remember there were the remains of a hunting shelter on the west side of the point. Of course, as young as I was I thought of it as a nifty fort. On one summer’s day I came walking along the east side of the point and there was a very young “Tiger” Nichols on one of the large boulders smashing crayfish to smithereens.

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