Hazelhurst Front

My thanks to everyone — especially our hosts at the Athenaeum and our facilitators from the Skaneateles Historical Society — who came out last night to hear about the history of Hazelhurst. I’ll be posting a version of the talk here in a few days.


3 thoughts on “Hazelhurst

  1. Where is Hazelhurst? I would love to hear your talk in person but I now live in Wisconsin so that’s not an option. I’m trying to think of a home that meets your description (e.g., sledding hill) and looks like the picture but I’m at a loss. I would love your answer!

      • Right! I never knew its name. When I was in high school it was the family home of a teammate of mine and I believe it has also been a home for the elderly. Would love to hear more! By the way, as someone who misses Skaneateles a great deal, I really enjoy your blog. I only get back in the summer to take my kids to Lourdes Camp and even then it is a brief stay. Thanks for your work!

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