Weenonah Lodge

Weenonah Lodge

Weenonah Lodge was for a time the camp of Olin C. and Maud (Huxtable) Moody. In the 1870s, Mr. Moody worked as a bookkeeper for Charles Pardee, and afterwards was a merchant. In 1905, he purchased a 25-foot power boat from the Skaneateles Boat Company, which was probably kept in the boat house shown above. Mr. & Mrs. Moody wintered in Miami, Florida, and eventually retired there. After their deaths, in 1925 and 1937, their remains were returned to Skaneateles and are buried in Lake View Cemetery.


3 thoughts on “Weenonah Lodge

  1. Maud Huxtable was sister to Martha, who married Sumner Fuller, son of James Cannings Fuller. According to the guest list, Maud and Olin Moody were family members who attended wedding of great-niece Lydia Maud Gregory to George Tucker in 1898. She was known as Aunt Maud or Aunt Minnie Maud.

  2. Upon reviewing birth dates in the Fuller family genealogy compiled by Nancy and Jack Fuller, I believe it”s more likely that Maud Huxtable was Martha Huxtable’s niece, not her sister, and therefore first cousin to Hannah Fuller Gregory, mother of Lydia Maud. So she was known as Cousin Maud Moody, not aunt. The names of both Maud and Olin C. appear in 1920 and 1924 in the guest book kept by Maud Gregory Tucker at her home, 36 State St in Skaneateles. The Gregory family also had a camp on the west side of the lake just south of what is now Carpenter’s point. The next point south was called Gregory Landing.

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