Skaneateles Rocks

Joe Kim

On May 5, 2012, Joe Whiting, a Living Village Treasure, played the Musiktheater Piano in Dortmund, Germany, and the concert was recorded for CD and DVD. But you won’t find it filed under “Joe Whiting.”

Rather, look for Savoy Brown: Songs from the Road. It’s a great live set and Whiting shines. British rock critic Henry Yates wrote: “Of course, the impact of Songs From The Road is partly down to the performance and dynamics, with the jackhammer drums of Garnet Grimm, the rocksteady bass of Pat DeSalvo and Joe Whiting’s soaring sax and vocals all dovetailing with Simmonds, who soothes and scolds his instrument.”

From 2009 to 2012, Whiting and Savoy Brown played dates in England, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Brazil, even Syracuse. I didn’t make any of those gigs, but now I can get a taste, and happily recommend it to fans of Skaneateles rock.

* * *

More fun: Joe Whiting’s website; Dortmund’s Musiktheater; the photo above of Kim Simmonds and Joe Whiting was taken at the Westcott Theater by Diana Whiting, in whose hands a camera is a musical instrument; thanks also to the scholarly Ron Wray.


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