The Voyage of the Silver Eagle

Silver 1

While most of what I find on my walks to and from work is litter of the classic variety, I occasionally find money, which is always welcome. But last week, at the edge of the village on Route 20, not too long after a downpour, I spotted a coin that was left behind by the roadside river of rainwater, seemingly headed east. I thought at first it was a quarter, but when I washed it off at home, I found that it was a gambling token that had made a long, and surely strange, odyssey from the Illinois shore of the Mississippi River — home of the Silver Eagle casino riverboat, once docked in East Dubuque. The Silver Eagle closed for good in 1997 — put out of business by three other riverboats and a dog track across the river in Iowa — so the coin had been on the road for some time. I’m not sure where it’s going next; collectors buy and sell these tokens on eBay so perhaps it will be returning to East Dubuque, flying this time.

Silver 2


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