At Jordan and Fennell, Looking North

Engine House Jordan Street


One thought on “At Jordan and Fennell, Looking North

  1. Re Engine Re Engine House on Jordan and Fennell Sts, Skaneateles NY.

    I remember when the Fire Department moved out of this building in the 1960s. The building and especially the meeting room was full of Mottville straight chairs, over a hundred. Each of the firemen got to take home four of those chairs, which is one reason you find so many around the village.

    Back in the 1930s, my Father (Gutchess Lumber Co) had an account with the Mottville Chair factory in Mottville and was supplying hardwood lumber to them for chairmaking. This lumber came from trees harvested from the west side of Skaneateles Lake, around the Dowling and Greenfield farms and southward to the New Hope area and Carpenter’s Falls. The logs were trucked to Cortland, sawn to contract, and trucked back to Mottville.

    Around 1935 a returning lumber truck had a load from that factory: eight straight chairs, two youth chairs, two armed rockers and four assorted little footstools, all for our just-built camp near Carpenter’s Point.

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