Bromo Label

Some time ago, one of the more esteemed sages of the village suggested that I search the Internet using alternate spellings of “Skaneateles,” such as “Scaneateles” and “Skeneateles,” both of which were in common use in the nineteenth century; doing that, I found more than a hundred references I hadn’t seen before. I was reminded of this today when I stumbled across “Skaneatiles,” a variation I hadn’t tried, and found another 38 citations, including this endorsement of Bromo Cosmetic by Dr. Levi Bartlett (1806-1892) of our village.


Dr. Levi Bartlett was a graduate of Dartmouth (Class of 1827) who came to Skaneateles in 1838 and assumed the practice of Dr. Judah Berry Hopkins who had died the year before when thrown from his horse-drawn sulkey on Genesee Street.  Dr. Bartlett married Harriette Elizabeth Hopkins, the daughter of the late Dr. Hopkins, and practiced medicine in the village for 50 years.


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