The Walworth Family


This photo is of Hazel Briggs Walworth and her three children: Dorothy (7), Buddy (6) and Mary (4). It was taken by E.L. Clark of Skaneateles in 1926. George Roberts Walworth and Hazel Walworth came to Skaneateles from Lynn, Massachusetts, and lived in the house they called “Windermere” at 3109 West Lake Road, for 48 years.

“Buddy,” who was George Jr., later went by Briggs Walworth. Dorothy’s portrait was painted by Rachel Bulley Trump, and in 1943 she became the first woman in Skaneateles to serve in the WAACs (Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps). Dorothy became Mrs. Francis Black of Dallas, Texas; Mary became Mrs. G. Fitch Cady II of Youngstown, N.Y.; George Jr. was George Briggs Walworth of Euclid, Ohio.

Below, a postcard of “Windermere.”



4 thoughts on “The Walworth Family

  1. In lived on West Lake Road in the 1960 and 70s. It was before United Way are formed and each meidcal group had their own fund drives: Heart, Lungs,Cancer, etc.all had fund drives every year and certain residents of each road or area would go out collecting to all their neighbors. I went to the Walworth home and was always invited in for a converstion as the check was being written.

    Mrs Walworth showed me a miniature replica of Mt Vernon that they had had built for their children. Each piece of furniture at Mt Vernon was carefully studied, then a miniature piece would be gotten for the doll house and properly placed.

  2. “Buddy” or George Briggs Walworth was my grandfather and passed away a little over five years ago. I was by his side when he took his last breath and I miss him every day… It was very cool to find these pictures and information on his hometown. I’d love to visit someday, as I’ve always heard stories about Skaneateles (I always heard “Skinny Atlas” when my dad and grandpa would say Skaneateles) and need to see it for myself, along with my son, who was named after the aforementioned George.

    • Nice to see Joshua wrote here Joshua is my Dads(Glenn Walworth))brothers(Dan Walworth) 1st of two sons (no other children) ,my cousin who lives in Colorado, and I in Ohio.Both if us cousins has two children(1 male 1 female)

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