City of Syracuse

What I love about this postcard: the woman and child clutching luggage, standing at the back of the boat, not waving, but staring at the photographer as if being sent into exile, banished for the summer to Glen Haven or a faraway cottage, while father “tends to business” in the big city.

City of Syracuse CU


2 thoughts on “Banished

  1. I think you are seeing this from the wrong end:

    I believe the woman and child are just leaving the Glen Haven Water Cure after a delightful week of being waited on, where she attempted to regain better health. Provided at the Glen was unlimited healthy food, rests, baths, exercise, entertainment, etc.

    Time is up and now she is returning to her family and farmhouse with the never ending chores of getting meals for all including the farm workers, laundry, mending, cleaning, gardening, child tending and a boss husband. Who wouldn’t be sad……

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