Rustic Decor

Not to take anything away from Thom Filicia, whose work we know and love, but the Skaneateles hot spot for relaxed, contemporary living is clearly Wirth Automotive (1321 East Genesee Street). Brad Wirth has taken rustic decor to a new level with this doorstop, at once organic and earthy, breathtaking in its simplicity, inspiring in its rough-hewn power.

I asked Brad if he wasn’t worried someone would steal his idea, and he responded quietly, confidently, “No, it’s patented.”


4 thoughts on “Rustic Decor

  1. Knowing that Brad Wirth, owner and proprietor of Wirth’s Automotive, defines the true meaning of “Global Environmentalist”, seeing the use of this retention device is more than understandable. It exemplifies his deep, deep concern for recycling, reuse, and refusing refuse. Truly, an icon of our time, never forgetting his roots and Boy Scout mentality of never throw anything away that may have future utility, he continues to honor his Germanic heritage with pride and fortitude…..Amen!

  2. WOW all I can say is WOW , with second thought though, He may have stumbled onto a side line business……like how much would he be willing to sell them for ?

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