Waitresses at the Krebs

L. to R.: Rena Chapman, Carrie Horsington, Ethel Lansbury, Zella Lewis, Blanche Horsington, Rowena Brooks, Alzina Lewis.

Cora Horsington Krebs was one of 10 children, and never lacked for nieces and nephews to staff The Krebs. In the postcard photo above, taken some time around 1910, the Misses Chapman, Horsington and Lewis are all Cora’s nieces. Carrie and Blanche Horsington were not sisters, but cousins. Zella and Alzina Lewis were sisters, and also cousins of Blanche and Carrie.

Rena May Chapman married Chandler Curtis; they were both still working at The Krebs in 1936, and living in nearby Amber. Rena was the daughter of Nap Chapman, sister of Cora Krebs. She married again late in life; Rena May Curtis Bivens died in 1969.

Carrie A. Horsington was a 1911 graduate of Skaneateles High School; she married Walter F. Wilkin of Flushing, L.I., in 1926.

Ethel P. Lansbury was a 1910 graduate of the Skaneateles Academy; she married Lester J. Heins. She died in 1969.

Zella Lewis was married and widowed in the same year, 1918. She married Robert Blaine Baker in March; he died in a Philadelphia hospital of pneumonia (during the Spanish Influenza epidemic) in October. She next married Lemuel P. Thomas, whose first wife, Florence, had died of a heart attack at the age of 27 in 1914; Zella and Lemuel Thomas had a good, long time together; they both died in 1970.

Blanche Horsington was a 1911 graduate of Skaneateles High School. She graduated from Syracuse University and taught math for many years. She married Lambert Weeks. She died in 1971 and is buried in Lake View Cemetery.

Rowena Brooks married Frank Fibben; she died in 1972 and is buried at Lake View Cemetery.

Alzina “Zina” Lewis, sister of Zella Lewis, married Harold L. Malam in 1913 at the Krebs’ residence. She was born in 1890 and died in 1968, and is buried in Lake View Cemetery.

* * *

Note: This information corrects the errors written on the back of this postcard at the Skaneateles Historical Society, which errors were compounded in Images of America: Skaneateles (2001) by Sue Ellen Woodcock.


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