Eleanor Katherine Roosevelt

It was Eleanor Katherine Roosevelt’s lot in life to reside in homes that had names rather than addresses. Born in 1915, the daughter of Henry Latrobe Roosevelt and Eleanor Morrow Roosevelt, she summered at Roosevelt Hall during the family’s time here.

Henry Roosevelt had inherited the mansion from his uncle, S. Montgomery Roosevelt, in 1920, but the family spent much of the 1920s in Europe, where Henry was the European representative of the Radio Corporation of America (RCA). They reopened the mansion in 1930 and summered there until Henry’s death in 1936. New York’s Governor Franklin Delano Roosevelt visited twice in 1932, once in April and again in September, when he was campaigning for President.

In 1937, Eleanor married Reverdy Wadsworth of Washington, the son of U.S. Rep. James Wadsworth. Reverdy was a grandson of John Hay, Theodore Roosevelt’s Secretary of State, so history at least had already linked him with the Roosevelt family.

In 1952, after his father’s death, Reverdy inherited Hartford House in Geneseo, N.Y. The Wadsworth family had founded the town of Geneseo, and Hartford House had been theirs since 1835. Eleanor lived there for much of her life. In February of 1956, Reverdy and Eleanor hosted the Eleanor Roosevelt, widow of President Roosevelt, while she was on a speaking tour.

As a young woman, Eleanor Katherine Roosevelt appeared in a 1937 magazine ad for Pond’s skin cream, with Roosevelt Hall and Skaneateles Lake as a scenic backdrop.

But my favorite picture of her comes from a family album in the Roosevelt Hall collection of the Skaneateles Historical Society, a photo taken during a visit in the winter of 1930-31, in which a far more natural Eleanor steadies the family’s camera-shy dog for a photo.


6 thoughts on “Eleanor Katherine Roosevelt

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  2. Thank you for such wonderful posts, particularly concerning the other-other Roosevelts of New York. I would be particularly grateful if you ever did a post about Henry’s family, they seemed to be quite the interesting bunch.

    If you’re interested, I maintain a Yahoo! Group about the Roosevelt Family & would be quite pleased to send you the link.


  3. I would like to know more about her son Harry Roosevelt Wadsworth who married my 4 th cousin Raye Elizabeth Popp in 1965.

  4. Nancy j canepa How are you related to Raye Popp? I am researching my family history and I want to find out everything I can. Raye was the youngest sister of my grandmother Dorothy Louise Popp. They were the daughters of Marion Dorothy Wise (1907-1965) and Louis Ray Popp (1905-1971).

    Harry and Raye had two daughters Liz, born 1967, and Jessica, born 1973. Harry was born and raised in the Hartford House in Geneseo, NY, and lived in Denver at some point.

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