Postcard Views of the Krebs

krebbs flowers 1A very early Krebs postcard, mailed in 1911. Note the double ‘b’ on Krebb’s.

krebbs flowers 2Same view, different flowers.

krebs-1911Also in 1911, with two women on the porch. Still a “residence.”

krebs-staff-webWith waitresses on the porch.

Krebs Staff TintedAnd a later, tinted version of the photo above.

krebs-girls-webThe waitresses in all their glory. You will find their names and a bit of history here.

krebs-crisp-webWith “KREBS” typed on the border

krebs-hornsOn the dining room wall, horns said to be imported from Italy in 1875 by Charles Krebs for his Lake View House, and then passed down to his son, Fred Krebs, to adorn his establishment. My thanks to Gard Lorey for the loan of Pictorial History of Skaneateles (1980) from which this was taken.

krebs-larrabee-1The Krebs dining room; the horns are still on the wall, but fresh flowers and wallpaper have warmed up the room. This card was contributed to the Skaneateles Historical Society by Ethel Larrabee.

krebs-wrinkled-webThe Krebs has expanded, but there are still two individual windows above the porch. On the back of the card, it notes that the telephone number is 14.

krebs-with-flagAbove and below, views of the Krebs on Memorial Day


Krebs Tinted Two on PorchStill two windows over the porch,  but a streetlight has been installed. There are two people seated on the porch; they could be Cora and Fred Krebs.

krebs-kan-ya-toThe Krebs and the Kan-Ya-To Inn (today’s Sherwood Inn)

krebs-kitchenThe kitchen

krebs-gardenThe garden; love the hats on the ladies.

krebs-1927 1Dining room, 1927

Krebs White BorderThere is now a larger central window over the porch, awnings have been added and the hitching post is gone. This card, published by Santway Photo-Craft Co. of Watertown, N.Y., was mailed in 1928.

Krebs-1930-WEBThis card, also by Santway Photo-Craft, is from 1930.

Krebs-Side-Garden-WEBPatio and tables on the side of The Krebs.

krebs-missing-linkThis may be one of the first 4-views, as it includes two scenes from Skaneateles in addition to two from the Krebs.

krebs-4-way-webAn early 4-view card before the crest was added at the center.

krebs-gardens-newAn early 4-view with the gardens only.

krebs-parlorA card with the full view of the lobby.

krebs-with-car-again“The Krebs” sign appears, as does a 1935 Chevrolet.

krebs-19371937, from Santway Photo-Craft. With a fire hydrant, and someone’s front fender at the far right; two versions: on with the title at the bottom, and at the top…

Krebs Fender

krebs-linen11The first Linen Era postcard, hand-tinted. It appears the person who did the tinting also moved the tree to the other side of the sidewalk and removed the hydrant.

krebs-4-way-gardensThe telephone number is still 14 in this early 4-view postcard, which includes three views of the gardens.

Krebs Crisp BW photoThe awnings have changed, and “Cocktails” has been added to the sign, circa 1949.

krebs-x-4bThe telephone number is now 685-5714, and we see the upstairs bar.

krebs-chrome with chryslerMy thanks to Dave Miller who helps us date this postcard: “We have a 1956 Chrysler New Yorker parked behind a ’57 Cadillac.” And a woman about to open the front door.

krebs-by-rob-howardPhoto by Rob Howard, published in Syracuse and printed by Plastichrome, Boston, with a deckle edge.

krebs-color-newerAnother color postcard, photographer unknown.

krebs-100th-webThe 1999 4-view celebrating the 100th anniversary.


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