The Emma (Flying Cloud) at One Mile Point

“One Mile Point.This is remarkable for its many large boulders, & for the sandy cove on the southwest. It was inhabited at an early day, & field stone seems to have been burned for lime near its extremity. In the cove beyond, there used to be a large pond, inside a sandbar, where bull-heads were abundant. There is also said to be a bar of no great depth , from the point to the further shore. The woods are mostly of oak & beech, but used to include the tulip-tree (Liriodendron,) & was also the only place where I have seen the cucumber-tree, (Magnolia acuminata,) about Skaneateles.”

– From The Rev. William Martin Beauchamp’s Souvenirs of Some Early Days in Skaneateles, N.Y. (1882), copied and published by the Skaneateles Library Association in 1983. Note: One Mile Point is today home to the Skaneateles Country Club.


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