Without Formality

The Minnie and the Maid of the Mist were sailboats owned by Charles Krebs, the proprietor of the Lake View House (and father of Fred Krebs who would become famous as the owner of The Krebs). In the summer months, Charles Krebs would rent his boats to guests, and Sedgwick Smith, in his Sailing on Skaneateles Lake (1934) tells this story from the 1870s:

“In the 70’s when dwellers by the lake shore drank only well water and considered the lake water unfit for other than washing purposes, there used to be a row of small wooden structures — perhaps with small apertures shaped like half moons for light and ventilation — perched upon, and partly overhanging, the sea wall in back of the stores. One day the Maid of the Mist — doubtless while the Captain was not aboard and she was in lubberly hands — rammed into one of these structures with her bowsprit. The occupant quitted the building hurriedly and without formality.”

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