Without a Skiff

“This dink was the joy of our life. It replaced the one we lost in the storm off Fenwick Island Shoals, and was the newly received gift of the Skaneateles Boat and Canoe Co. For nearly a thousand miles we had gone without a skiff and had moored to rickety, unsafe wharves because we were unable otherwise to get ashore at pleasure. Now that we had a new skiff, with ‘Hippocampus’ painted in gold on both bows, we were determined that it should not get away from us, come what might in the weather line. Patting its varnished sides affectionately, I climbed over it, went below, crawled beneath my mosquito-bar, and, following the example already set by Chambers and Squibb, passed out.”

— Alfred F. Loomis in The Cruise of the Hippocampus (1922), recounting his voyage in a 28-foot yawl from New York to Florida, then on through the Caribbean to the Panama Canal and to Balboa on the Pacific Coast.


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