Pick Your Own Lobster


Fabin’s Steak House began life as a restaurant owned by Morris “Mushy” Protage. Mushy came here in 1934; he was a fruit dealer, and ran the Lakeview House in the Village for a time. In 1940, he built his restaurant on West Genesee Road, opposite Lee’s Diner, and called it The Village Inn. When WWII came to the U.S.A., Mushy entered the U.S. Navy and served aboard the destroyer USS Laws; he earned eight battle stars in the South Pacific. His wife and her brother ran the Inn while he was gone. After the war, Mushy went to California. His restaurant passed through hands until Stanley Fabin took sole ownership in 1959, and put the big lobster on his sign. As eateries do, Fabin’s came to an end, and the building was demolished in 1998, to be replaced by the Kwik Fill gas station, where you can no longer pick your own lobster.

Demolition photo by Jorge Batlle


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