Remembering the Ridgewoods

In 1950, with a law for the protection of intangible cultural properties, Japan designated as “Living National Treasures” those important keepers of their culture in drama, music, art and craftsmanship. I bring this up because George Rossi is surely a Living Village Treasure, and the latest evidence that this designation is richly deserved comes in his blog post about the roots of rock in Skaneateles, entitled “The Skaneateles Legacy.”

His writing on the earliest days of the Dean Brothers and Jukin’ Bone will take you back, even if you weren’t there in the first place. Turn it up. Play it loud.


One thought on “Remembering the Ridgewoods

  1. I was a classmate of Andy Whiting’s whose brother was Joe Whiting mentioned in the blog. I recall my mother teling this story about Joe in the early years of long hair. There was a regatta of some sort at the Country Club and my mother was siting in one of the lawn chairs behind the row of prickly bushes that lined the edge of the grass at the then embankment. Not far from where she was siting were a couple of woman, also sitting in chairs and were obviously here for the races. Joe walked by….. long hair, tight white levis and a tight pink shirt of some type. My mother overheard one woman say to her companion that she felt sorry for the poor girl because she was so flat-chested.

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