Lucky Goat Soap

Would this goat lie to you? I don’t think so. And it is a gaggle of these sincere goats that stands behind every bar of Lucky Goat Soap, made from goat’s milk and other good stuff on a farm between Skaneateles and Owasco lakes. You may ask, “Why are we talking about goats and Owasco in a Skaneateles blog?” I’ll tell you why: Because I am a fool for good lather, the post office and the Skaneateles mail boat in particular, and Lucky Goat rolls them all into one with Skaneateles Mailboat, an all-natural soap that includes goat’s milk, and fir, cedarwood and lavender essential oils.

Is this not a beautiful world? It began about four years ago, when Amy Smith went out to buy chickens for her farm and returned instead with goat kids. I have made some impulse purchases in my time, but this one really impresses me.

From the goats came goat’s milk, and what do you do with it? I guess you can go either the cheese route or the soap route and Amy went for soap. After a good deal of learning on the job, experimenting, reading and consultation with a soap guru, Amy began producing soap for the rest of us. It’s a hand process all the way, about 30 bars to a batch, which are then cut into regular or “pygmy” bars, and set out to cure for 30 days.

After the curing, each bar is inspected and hand-wrapped. Amy began selling Lucky Goat Soap in November of 2010, and her website went live in February of this year.

Skaneateles Mailboat is but one in a creamy, sudsy, fragrant chorus. There’s also Newport Schooner and Wiley’s Cedar Strip Canoe for the nautically minded, McGinn’s Mountain Trail, a woodsy blend, Citrus Grove and Kaye West for those who long for a milder climate. Bathers with a wilder side might consider Steven’s Tiki Bar and Savannah HooDoo. All the soaps are made solely with farm-fresh goat’s milk and natural oils, but it is the fine tuning of essences and bits of nature that makes it truly worthwhile to get dirty as often as possible. Explore the scores of wonderful possibilities at Lucky Goat Soap; the site is almost as much fun as the soap itself.


4 thoughts on “Lucky Goat Soap

  1. On your recommendation I have ordered some soap. Why do you suppose a company would refuse to put its mailing address on its webpage? i would like to have told the folks how I discovered thier product.

  2. This is wonderful news for those of us who regularly relish filth. Can’t wait to try some of this soap. And to think that goats could do more than chew on our shirt sleeves and provide wonderful soft sheese.

  3. This is wonderful soap! I was introduced to it by Amy herself, a kind and funny woman who loves life and is living it to it’s natural fullest! So many ‘flavors’ to choose from! The lather is luxuriously creamy and it has done wonders to my sensitive skin! I look forward to continuing to try new fragrances and blends. Some will certainly surprise you!

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