A Visitor to Roosevelt Hall

In August of 1923, Mrs. Henry Latrobe (Eleanor Morrow) Roosevelt hosted the Spanish Ambassador, a.k.a. Don Juan Riano y Gayangos, Knight Grand Cross of the Royal and Distinguished Order of Charles III, Grand Cross of Isabel the Catholic, Grand Cross of the Military Merit, Grand Cross of the Naval Merit, Grand Star of Honor of the Spanish Red Cross, Gold Medal of the San Payo Bridge, Grand Cross of the Order of Cambodge, Daneborg of Denmark and Saint Olaf of Norway, Commander of the Legion of Honor of France, Knight of Leopold of Belgium, of the Conception of Villaviciosa of Portugal, His Gentleman of the Chamber, Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary in Washington of His Most Catholic Majesty Alfonso XIII of Spain — perhaps our most titled visitor ever. The Skaneateles Free Press reported that the Ambassador came to Roosevelt Hall “for rest and quiet,” and thus saw only a few friends during his stay. In 1924, Don Riano would be honored as the senior member, the “dean,” of Washington’s diplomatic corps, a position he held until his retirement in 1926.


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