Scout Humor, 1945

Sad Saga of the Illiterate Hiker

The Troop was on the last lap of an eighteen mile hike and you could almost hear their tender dogs bark gratefully when the old Eagle Trailer called a short rest halt. Tenderfoot Tinker sank with a dramatic groan and said, “Whew! I’d sure hate to have to go all the way back for something we forgot.”

The Eagle Trailer’s lips parted in a slow grin. “That reminds me,” he began, and the Troop gathered around to hear his newest tale. “There was a Second Class Scout on his fourteen mile hike once, and he had hiked to a town called Skaneateles. Well sir, he started to write up his account of the hike as soon as he got home and discovered he couldn’t spell Skaneateles. He thought it over and, being a conscientious lad, decided he couldn’t turn in a report with the name spelled wrong.”

“What did he do?” asked three or four voices impatiently.

“Why, he took another fourteen mile hike the next day—to Union Springs, he could spell that.”

– S.S.P., in Boy’s Life, May 1945

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