The Village Pharmacy

A postcard showing the view from the porch of the Village Pharmacy, run by Ferdinand F. Popplesdorf (“Pop” for short) from 1935 to 1940. Pop made his own ice cream every day, and a “giant soda” was 5 cents. On Tuesdays, you could enjoy sausage and pancakes — all you can eat — for 25 cents. Waffles were also a specialty; the turkey sandwich was said to be the best this side of California and it was all brought to you by “Ma” Bottomley, the “good-looking” waitress.

On the pharmacy side, you could buy pints of rubbing alcohol (15 cents), Witch Hazel (19 cents), Russian mineral oil (33 cents) and cod liver oil (39 cents). And for those who considered chocolate a remedy, half-pound Hershey bars were 2 for 25 cents, and boxed chocolates were 29 cents a pound.

The restaurant became The Lindorf in 1940, and The Comet restaurant after that. Today, the space is home to Aristocats & Dogs and a private residence.


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