Skaneateles, 1948

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My thanks to the Skaneateles Historical Society.


2 thoughts on “Skaneateles, 1948

  1. Three-digit phone numbers!

    And speaking of The Krebs’ “unrivaled excellence” and “international significance,” here’s how a ‘Guide to the Empire State’ from the Works Progress Administration gushed in November 1940:

    “Skaneateles (1,882 pop.) is today, in the minds of thousands of people, synonymous with Krebs, a story-and-a-half white frame house set off by deep lawns; and Krebs is synonymous with food.

    “Here a one-time impoverished Alsatian caterer has provided a place to delight a gourmet. Krebs came to Skaneateles in 1900 for his health and started serving meals to make a living. By word-of-mouth the fame of his cuisine spread until now during the summer months more than 1,000 meals a day are served, continuing the original policy of giving customers more than they can possibly eat.”

    So yes, as the apostrophe-impaired Tourists Guide says, it was and is “an absolutely unique eating place” . . . not a partially unique one.

    • My grandpaprents were in Turkey in about 1948 and met some felow travellers from the United States. When my grandmother mentioned that she had a daughter living in Skaneateles the couple replied that they had eaten at Krebs. Barbers Tourist Home at 11 State Street was a popular residence for actors of the Lyric Circus. By the time we lived on State Street the Lyric Circus occupied a large tent to the east of the village on U.S. Route 20. The actors would gather at the end of the sidewalk behind the Masonic Temple to be picked up in an old yellow school bus to be taken to the tented theater.

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